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I realized yesterday that my things were arranged in a peculiar way around my living space, but as I set about to move them I hurt myself and cried out.  Just then Madyk happened to be passing by and offered to help, so I let him rearrange, and he did it so nicely that I cooked for him afterwards.  All through the meal he started to say something but then stopped, and no amount of my coaxing would get it out of him.  He is one of those with much spiritual potential who will not make the effort to tap into it, and I’m afraid that affects me poorly sometimes.  I think maybe I was a little abrupt when I said goodbye to him.  It seemed like he was right on the verge of spilling what was on his mind at last, but I cut him short.  Oh well, I’m sure he’ll come out with it eventually.


Learning to balance work and play has been one of the more difficult lessons I’ve learned along the way, but ultimately very important.  Without play, where would we be?  Stuck in shades of grey and brown, gritting our teeth and bearing life rather than living it.  It is important to take enjoyment from things, and important to realize when that enjoyment has slipped away.

I have steeped myself so deeply in my work lately, I feel like thrice-soaked tea leaves!  But it is rewarding to help others seek their spiritual selves.  It is like watching the first flowering in spring.  For those who can reach that place within themselves, it’s a deep sense of satisfaction to me to bring them there. But for those who do not even try, it’s an even deeper sense of frustration.